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Parking Management System

PMS system prevents the unauthorized parkers entering your premises or giving access to authorized parkers. It provides multi functions such as managing registered parkers and occasional parkers, setting charging standard, managing reports registering cards etc. It makes the parking hi-tech and decor the premises.
Entry Lane
Visitors - Upon entering in the lane, the loop shall be activated, commuter will dispense the ticket from the ticket dispenser and camera click the picture of the vehicle and it generates the ticket. User can then enter into the premises.

Monthly Parkers - Parking operator will issue the smart card for the user, when commuters enter in the premises user will swipe the card on the reader and enters the premises.
Exit Lane
When the vehicle reaches to the exit lane, the fee collector takes the slip and scans the bar code printed slip. The calculated fee is displayed on the operator's monitor Fee collector also verifies the current image of the vehicle with the image taken at entry time. Fee can be charged in the mode of Cash or smart card When the process is completed successfully Barrier Gate gets opened
Valet Parking
Today finding a parking space for your vehicle is not an easy task. Every person in our city wastes time, fuel and energy in search of parking space which leads to higher traffic congestion and pollution around the city.

SA Parking is happy to announce that we are implementing smart parking at various sites. We are using latest modern technologies for the convenience of visitors.

We are launching the Valet Parking powered by android tablet system. The visitors will benefit from following advantages :
  1. SMS parking ticket
  2. Faster valet service
  3. Advance calling to request car drop
  4. Smooth experience by our well trained valet drivers

We are also announcing online booking facility for the valet parking users. For using this service, car owners have to download the freely available Get My Parking app and they will get real-time visibility of parking and booking option. They can pay online or in cash at the parking itself. The Get My Parking app will navigate him directly to the parking using Gogle Maps. The Get My Parking app is available for free on Android Playstore and Iphone Appstore.